Expo Tel Aviv collaborates with top-level service providers, and carefully handpicks high-quality catering companies for its events.

Event organizers and producers are required to work solely with the following service providers:

Expo Tel Aviv provides its clients with top-level security & cleaning services, via carefully-selected service providers.

Event organizers, producers and exhibiters must work solely with one of the following service providers.

The safety of Expo Tel Aviv’s guests and clients is a top priority. Therefore, Expo Tel Aviv complies with all safety rules and regulations, and selects the very best suppliers in the field. To conduct an event at Expo Tel Aviv, plans approved and signed by a safety engineer and an electricity engineer must be submitted, as required by law.

Event organizers, producers and exhibiters must collaborate with service providers recommended by Expo Tel Aviv. They must provide safety/electrical approval prior to event opening.

Event organizers must ensure that all assembly and dismantling are executed only in the presence of an authorized safety and electrical supervisor, in accordance with safety regulations required by law.

Expo Tel Aviv offers advanced communication services for all pavilions and outdoor areas.