Expo Tel Aviv collaborates with top-level service providers, and carefully handpicks high-quality catering companies for its events.

Event organizers and producers are required to work solely with the following service providers:

Neto Investment
Neto Investment specializes in snack bars for events. 
phone: +972-50-7566167
Republic is a kosher meat catering service that caters to events both small and large. 
phone:  052-2796921 , Phone: +972-4-6213051
Owned by Moti Tzarfati, a chef with over 30 years of experience . The menus and work methodologies ensure top-level service and food freshness. Provides all required authorizations for conducting safe events.   
phone: +972-52-8892299
Specializing in catering for a wide variety of events, Maasia creates client excitement byusing its culinary craft to tell stories.  
phone: +972-52-7021004
Pilpel Production
Offer vast experience in creating tailor-made menus for diverse events and clientele, including private and business events, conferences, launches and boutique events. The professional staff provides top-level service, and relies on the finest ingredients.  
phone: +972-3-6827000
Daily Events
Specializes in large business and private events. The menu is tailored to specific client specifications.Their kitchens and logistic center is located at Expo Tel Aviv .  
Provide a wide range of global cultures, with an emphasis on Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. We use advanced technology to create traditional dishes, using only the finest ingredients.
phone: +972-77-9240140/60
Brunch, which has been operating for several decades in the catering industry, specializes in catering productions and buffets in various styles.
phone: +972-54-2284817

Expo Tel Aviv provides its clients with top-level security & cleaning services, via carefully-selected service providers.

Event organizers, producers and exhibiters must work solely with one of the following service providers.

S. NIR Group
1 Haaliya St., Nazereth Illit 
phone: +972-4-6568440
S.B. Shmira Ubitahon Guarding Group
Harechev 4 Street, Tel Aviv

The safety of Expo Tel Aviv’s guests and clients is a top priority. Therefore, Expo Tel Aviv complies with all safety rules and regulations, and selects the very best suppliers in the field. To conduct an event at Expo Tel Aviv, plans approved and signed by a safety engineer and an electricity engineer must be submitted, as required by law.

Event organizers, producers and exhibiters must collaborate with service providers recommended by Expo Tel Aviv. They must provide safety/electrical approval prior to event opening.

Event organizers must ensure that all assembly and dismantling are executed only in the presence of an authorized safety and electrical supervisor, in accordance with safety regulations required by law.

Mivdak - Electrical Testing & Training
Eytan Siani
Hof Ashkelon 
phone: +972-52-5410994
PO Box: 6034, Ashkelon 
phone: +972-8-6713549
37 She'erit Yisra'el St. Tel-Aviv 
D.S- Electrical
4/21 HaSahlav St., Haifa 
phone: +972-4-8262977
101 Rokach Blvd. Tel Avi
phone: +972-3-5325575
2 Bereshit St. Ramat Hasharon
phone: +972-3-7782001
MM Consulting
phone: +972-3-5568485
Safety 4 U
11 Saharov St. Rishon LeTsiyon
phone: +972-77-7990030

Expo Tel Aviv offers advanced communication services for all pavilions and outdoor areas.

Expo Tel Aviv App.
An innovative navigation App. that enables navigation within the Expo Tel Aviv venue and in various exhibitions.The app is available for download at the App stores with no additional cost.
B Zone
Expo Tel Aviv’s communication technology includes internet and wireless connections, wideband transmissions and advanced telephony services provided by B-Zone.
Electric Screens
 Expo Tel Aviv offers electronic screens located at the entrance to the conference halls. The screens can display any content from a logo, to a full day program and more.
phone: +972-8-9228889
Simul - Expo Tel Aviv’s authorized provider of A/V equipment leasing and services in all conference Halls in Pavilions: 1, 2 and 10  
phone: +972-8-9228889