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Expo Tel Aviv. The Place For Israel's Most Exciting Events.

Hot Events

Expo Tel Aviv. The Place For Israel's Most Exciting Events.

Bynet Expo 2019 -Your gate to the future


Bynet Expo 2019- Your gate to the future. Bynet Expo, The largest ICT event in Israel, takes place 16 years in a row. This year, the Expo will face the future and will be in line with the challenges of tomorrow and the changes that organizations must make today to maintain leadership, innovation and business efficiency. The main message is TRANSFORMATION CREATES THE FUTURE The need for a change in thinking, a new perception and a digital transformation, in order to meet the changes and challenges that lie ahead. Visitors to the Expo will be exposed to the City of the Future, which will be expressed in a unique and innovative vision, in a spectacular exhibition of the best technologies and solutions in the fields of: Cyber Security | AI Big DATA & Robots | Customer Experience |  Multi – Cloud | Data Center | Smart City All this combined with professional networking, impressive technological performance, K-NOTES from the world, and rich content tracks make the Expo a once-a-year experience that should not be missed! *Entrance is free of charge



Future IL is the largest job and opportunity fair for international young adults in Israel. But it just the beginning. In one place, a chance to meet and interact with thousands of international talent-for whom work and life in Israel is an exciting future possibility. In one place, a unique access point for Israeli companies, looking for global talent and to further integrate into international markets. FUTURE IL matches thousands of young people with hundreds of companies and sparks ongoing engagement between companies and potential future employees. More than a job fair: an ongoing network of international and local-building common futures, creating ongoing connections, bringing global talent to Israeli companies

 Novell Esthetic Israel conference


The 25th anniversary Celebration of  Novell Esthetic Israel conference at the prestigious Tel Aviv Expo will be held in a special format on 24.06.19 and will include more than 70 professional cosmetics companies in Israel! Come enjoy the experience of beauty and aesthetics: lecturers from abroad, lectures by the leading doctors and cosmetologists in Israel, and of course prestigious gifts for every participant.  



PORT2PORT 2019 is held for the 13rd consecutive year and has become Israel’s leading Trade, Logistics and Supply Chain annual event. Today the event is Israel’s major central meeting point between the providers of logistics services throughout the supply chain and shippers / importers / exporters / industrialists, with the participation of 2500 expected visitors. The event includes an abundant and colorful exhibition, with the participation of leading companies from the global logistics and supply chain sectors, along with a professional and up-to-date conference on a variety of key topics, followed by professional sessions.

Vape Israel Expo

27.06.19 - 28.06.19

Israel first ever international vape show. All the world's biggest brands under one roof. An oportunity to see the latest technology and newest flavers.* Admittance - From 18 years old

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