Accessibility Declaration - Expo Tel Aviv


Accessibility Declaration – Expo Tel Aviv

Expo Tel Aviv perceives the utmost importance in providing the most professional and best service to all its customers. We are striving to make our website accessible to disabled persons in order to promote the equality of rights and transparency for people with disabilities.

The Essence of an Accessible Website

An accessible website is a site that enables disabled persons to browse at the same efficiency and enjoyment level as other browsers, while using the ability of the system on which they working and using auxiliary technologies for accessibility.

Implementing Adaptations for making the Website Accessible

Adaptation of accessibility on our website is executed pursuant to Regulations 35 of the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities (Adaptation of Accessibility to a Service) Regulations, 5773 – 2013, and Israeli Standard 5568, which is based on the WCAG Instructions for an AA level and subject to changes and adaptations that were made in the Israeli Standard document.

The site supports the use of auxiliary technologies such as screen reading software, browsing with the aid of the keyboard using the Tab and Shift + Tab keys for the transition between links, the arrow keys, the Enter key for selection, the Esc key for exit from menus and windows, clicking H or a number for a transition between headings. An accessibility ruler has also been installed on the site, which enables improving the keyboard browsing experience and for changing the appearance of the screen according to need and for facilitating browsing on the site.


Optimal Applications for making the Website Accessible

Browse optimally and with accessibility on this website is made possible using common browsers. We recommend using the following browsers: Firefox or Chrome and the most updated screen reading software NVDA together with a Hebrew speech engine.

The Stages of Making the Website Accessible

As a rule, all the site pages are structured as accessible pages to the level required in the law. However, despite our efforts to make all the pages on the site accessible parts of the site that are not yet accessible might be found. It should be noted that a number of pages include external content that are not under our control and, therefore, they might not have been made accessible.

We are persisting with our efforts to improve the accessibility of the site as a part of our commitment to enable its use for the entire population, including people with disabilities.

The Accessibility Arrangements at Expo Tel Aviv Tel Aviv


Expo Tel Aviv has invested much effort in arranging accessibility means for disabled persons throughout its areas. All the existing accessibility arrangements at Expo Tel Aviv were accomplished pursuant to the provisions in the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law and they contain nothing to derogate from the obligations imposed in this regard on the event organizers.

Aids for the Hard of Hearing – During events in which they are required, Expo Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Tel Aviv provides inductive loopset aid devices for the hard of hearing, which enable direct connection to the hearing aid and filtering out background noises, as well as earphones that can be borrowed during the event.

Aids for Orientation in the Complex – In each Expo Tel Aviv complex a Righthear application, which is a sophisticated warning system, is activated, which warns when entering or exiting from an accessible region, in which warnings are received about obstacles on the way and at the time of entering into an accessible point a warning is received about the current location through a loudspeaker on the cellular phone. The application can be downloaded from the Google App Store, and the Apple App Store, On-site there are advertising stickers and a barcode at all the entries to the Pavilion

Parking for the disabled – At Expo Tel Aviv parking has been allocated for the disabled pursuant to the law. The owner of a vehicle bearing a disabled tag is entitled to park in the Expo parking facilities free of charge.


Toilets ־  Expo Tel Aviv offers accessible toilets for the disabled.

Accessibility Road:

Passages – Passages at Expo Tel Aviv have been adapted to people with disabilities and for passing using wheelchairs.

Elevators – In pavilions with more than one floor, there are elevators located from the lowest parking facilities to the highest floor in the pavilion. In pavilions with two levels there is an elevator for the disabled in the pavilion.

Stairwells have also been adapted, Ramps etc. have been installed.

Water Coolers –  14 water coolers are offered for the benefit of visitors at Expo Tel  Aviv.

Pavilion 2 – offers  8 water coolers

Pavilion 1 & Pavilion 10– offer a water cooler next to the cafeteria

Pavilion 12th , Pavilion 13th & Pavilion 11th – Offer water cooler next to the toilet complex

Pavilion 14th – Offer a water cooler in the pavilion

Service animal’s ־ Persons with sight impairment are welcome to enter Expo Tel Aviv  accompanied by a service animal.

Cashiers The cashiers at Expo Tel Aviv are accessible to people with disabilities (at events that are subject to payment or registration).).

Additional Accessible Services – People who are hard of hearing, you have problems with the payment devices for parking can approach the following telephone number using a written WhatsApp message: 052.-834-7756

Methods for Submitting Requests, Accessibility Breakdowns and Proposals for Improvement:

If you have found a problem on the website on the subject of accessibility or if you require aid, you are cordially invited to approach the accessibility coordinator at Expo Tel Aviv, Mr. Nati Yogev at Tel No: 036404409 or via email, [email protected]

This declaration was updated on February 15th, 2022.

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