When A Vision Becomes A Reality

The year 1923, the idea of hosting local and international fairs and events in Israel began circulating in “Little Tel Aviv” in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Endowed with a sense of higher purpose, local private entrepreneurs began producing exhibitions and fairs funded with their own money. Their vision was to develop and cultivate a modest local industry. What started as a small-scale operation gradually grew to impressive proportions and they were looked upon as an opportunity to demonstrate and share with the world success stories from the Zionist movement in many fields such as agriculture, technology, food and more.

Over the early years, the Fair center had experience ups and down, changed locations until it based it’s final destination on Rokah boulevard.

Today, Expo Tel Aviv hosts 2.5 million visitors a year and hosts hundreds of exhibitions and conferences & events a year. Overseeing 80 years of lively activities taking place in the center is the “Flying Camel” – which symbolizes both the Middle – East alongside the power of imagination, innovation and creativity.

What began as a modest initiative of a few private entrepreneurs on a mission became over the years a series of enterprises whose influence had expanded beyond the borders of the city and country.


The "Flying Camel" arrives in Levant Fair

The decision was made to name the Levant Fair "Yarid Ha'mizrach" and to add the Flying Camel logo...


Levant Fair Moves To Its New Fairgrounds By The Yarkon

Due to the fair's enormous success, it was relocated from eastern Tel Aviv to new fairgrounds, at...


Grand Opening At The Jubilee Exhibition

In 1959, the Flying Camel returned to the skies of Tel Aviv, landing at its new location on Rokach...


The Tradition of Tel Aviv Fairs Is Renewed

The tradition of Tel Aviv fairs, which included a wide range of fairs and exhibitions, is renewed....


The Opening Of A New Amusement Park On Ganei Hataarucha

The "Luna Park", a large amusement park, opens adjacent to the Trade Fairs Center in Tel Aviv....


A New Drive-In Cinema Opens And Takes Israel By Storm

The Drive-In Cinema opens and takes Israel by storm. A huge screen located east of Tel Aviv...


The Trade Center Inaugurates The Congress Hall

The Trade Center inaugurates the Congress Hall, which goes on to host hundreds of exhibitions,...


Completion Of Construction On Pavilion 1

Work is completed on Pavilion 1. Pavilion 1 was considered extremely innovative and ahead of its...


Construction Begins On A New Exhibition & Convention Space


The Congress Hall Is Renovated & Renamed Pavilion 10


Pavilion 2 Is Inaugurated

Pavilion 2, Israel's most impressive and innovative convention center, is inaugurated. 350 million...


From Trade Fair Center To Expo Tel Aviv

The Trade Fair Center is renamed Expo Tel Aviv and reinforces its reputation as a leading...

Expo Tel Aviv Hosts The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

Expo Tel Aviv Is Proud To Host The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

Plans For The Future

Expo Tel Aviv continues to initiate new projects that will further solidify its success. Additional...

The Expo Tel Aviv Tradition

Over the years, Expo Tel Aviv has hosted a wide range of exhibitions, trade fairs and events, which...