Business 2


The luxurious and intimate Business 2 meeting room is designed for up to 10 people. It is equipped with the most advanced technological equipment and provides a solution for every need. Whether you are interested in having a brainstorming session, staff meeting, interviews, or forging “team spirit” days, etc. - the Business 2 meeting room is the perfect room for you.

The room includes a coffee machine ,water and soda & a choice of cookies, as well as high-quality high-speed Wi-Fi.

The Business 2 meeting room can be merged with the Tate meeting room, by opening a connecting partition. Merging the rooms allows hosting meetings with up to 30 people.

In addition, the entire complex can be booked - for this option, please call us.

Open hours
Sun - Thu
18:00 - 08:00
14:00 - 08:00

Technical specifications
  • 75" screen that includes a camera
  • High quality speaker
  • 4 surround sound microphones with an echo cancellation system
  • Automatic screen lighting, presence sensor to operate the unit
  • Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone for conference calls
  • Ability to display content from any computer, tablet or smartphone via wireless projection
  • Central 7" screen on the table, activation of conference calls and control of presentations

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